Maths Week in the EIC

From April 12th to 16th, all students in the EIC celebrated Maths Week. It’s an event which happens around Pi day and the central theme this year was construction and special buildings from cities and countries around the world: the roman aqueduct in Segovia, Big Ben in London, the pyramids in Egypt, Gaudí buildings, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building…

Our objective was to investigate the reasons that make them so special and to study how maths plays an essential part in their construction.

Secondary students also participated in several games like “Escape Room”, where, using their maths abilities, they resolved logic challenges. Primary students toured the school resolving mathematical problems in an EIC Treasure Hunt.

This year we again ran the “Mental Maths” competition between the different primary cycles  and also the Maths Photo Contest.

The EIC hosted two schools from our area participating in “Proves Cangur” with our ESO 4 students.

The week ended with a closing ceremony including musical entertainment from the first cycle of Secondary, prizegiving, and the students had the opportunity to explain their work to the rest of the students, families and other members of the school community.

Featured News
June 13th was European Day for the Prevention of Skin Cancer. As partners of World Beach Soccer, our students who volunteered at the recent World Championships Qualifying Event helped make a film to promote skin protection - you will see them alongside some of the world's top beach soccer players in this video:  
220 people from the Escola Internacional del Camp and other schools took part last Saturday, May 4th, in the seventh edition of the EIC Mile, a race which is part of the regional phase of the Consell Esportiu del Tarragonès. Year on year, the EIC Mile is increasing the number of participants, after 150 runners in the last edition. The event was divided into 11 races distributed by age and gender...
The EIC Open Day was again a success on Saturday May 4th and we welcomed families and possible future students of all ages, from Preschool to Bachillerato. The attendees had the opportunity to see our school project  and how we put it into practice. The event lasted 3 hours during which, after an introductory talk, visitors were able to visit classrooms where the teachers offered practical...